Chance the Rapper talks about parenthood, finances & tattoos

Chance the Rapper, who celebrates his 25th birthday this week, credits his daughter with keeping him grounded.

“It doesn’t’ really matter how much money I make or whether I’m recognized on the street. I still have to pick up my daughter from school,” the Chicago music producer and rap star told a crowd gathered Thursday night to benefit Magnetar Academy. “She’s up at like 5 a.m. and is on (the go) to 8 a.m., so I don’t want to miss that window. If I’m out too late or working too hard, I’ll miss it.”

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Bring Change to Mind honors Billy Crystal with the Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter Award

Kayla Kitchen beamed as she sat in a prime corner table at Bimbo’s 365 Club Thursday night, Oct. 19. The 17-year-old Orinda high school student had finished performing her spoken word piece about mental illness before a crowd of hundreds and was happily greeting her new fans. It was only this past May that the teenager had attempted to take her own life. “Four months ago,” said Kayla, now giddy at a gala with the likes of Billy Crystal and Glenn Close, “I never thought I’d be here — of all places!”

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Co-CEO, Sarah interviews Caitlyn Jenner at the WORLDZ summit