CHF commends efforts to restore funding to “Child Health Safety Net” and urges bipartisan efforts to complete the job – Children's Health Fund
Children’s Health Fund commends efforts to restore funding to programs that comprise essential threads of the “Child Health Safety Net” and urges bipartisan efforts to complete the job

On September 30th, funding for a number of critical child health safety net programs expired, putting the health and wellbeing of millions of kids in jeopardy. We commend efforts within the House of Representatives to bring needed long-term stability to these important child health programs, but reject the idea that their preservation comes at the cost of defunding other programs that help support children’s health.


Revels & Revelations 5

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CJF Viewing Party


Co-Hosted by: Jonas Tåhlin, CEO, Elyx

Friday, April 21st, 2017
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CJF & Artemis at the WORLDZ summit

@CaitlynJennerFDN promotes equality and combats discrimination by providing grants to organizations that empower and improve the lives of transgender people, including youth, anti-bullying, suicide prevention, healthcare, housing, employment, and related programs. Here's Caitlyn with our own @sadolphson at the WORLDZ summit last month.