Stylefund is an initiative aimed at the cultivation of confidence and overall well being through fashion.

STYLEFUND was established in 2016 by comedian Amy Schumer and stylist Leesa Evans with a mission to improve women’s process of getting dressed by helping them better understand their individual silhouettes. The vision for the organization was realized while Evans and Schumer prepared for Schumer’s film debut, Trainwreck. As a stylist who specializes in helping people dress for their proportions, Evans helped end Schumer’s long-time dissatisfaction with fashion by giving her options that worked with her body and was aligned with her personality. This experience made Evans and Schumer realize they wanted to help other women identify clothing and styles that accentuate their assets in order to give them more confidence to succeed in work, at home, and in life. 



Our goal is to simplify the process of getting dressed by helping women better understand their silhouette—creating true confidence.